Businesses these days are utilizing the power of outsourcing more than ever.  With all the taxes and insurances you have to pay to maintain a full-time employee, it is no wonder this seems to be the trend.  Being a social media management company here in Paducah, Kentucky, we have seen this trend as well in social media.  There is a huge demand for businesses to be on social media platforms but with the national salary of a social media manager ranging from $48k to 116k, most don’t have the budget to hire even a part-time employee to handle it.  So what can you do? OUTSOURCE!

 With social media management companies there is a clear advantage.  Here are a few reasons why outsourcing is better.
1.  It’s much cheaper.  You can get someone to handle your social media for a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone. (contact for pricing)
2. Expert knowledge.  Social media marketing is more than just about making a few posts.  It’s a strategy that requires a person to be both social savvy as well as tech savvy. Social media is an ongoing education that takes countless hours to stay current, of which most employees cannot dedicate that level of time.
3. Liability.  Having a High school age person posting for you is at the very least risky.  Not only do you have to be concerned with them spending more time chatting with their friends than working, you run the risk of posts that may not represent your business in a professional manner.  Also, this person is responsible for managing your online brand. How could your brand be affected should they be hacked by a friend?
4. All the bells and whistles.  Having a company that specializes in social media gives you a full team that has resources and abilities to do everything from custom graphics and videos to Facebook apps and tying together your social networks. (click to see our services)
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