I’m sure with all the frequent changes to Facebook that it’s easy for you to get lost on how to best use all these new features for your business. That’s where we come in! I’m going to go over one of these features today that Facebook has just began to implement called “Offers”. This new item can be extremely helpful to your page, product awareness, and business. Let’s briefly dive into just some of the advantages of “Offers”.

Facebook “Offers” gives the ability to create an offer that can be shared and redeemed by your Facebook fans and their friends. Another great part of this feature is the ability to track how many people redeemed your offer. This allows you to see what type of marketing campaigns work for your product and also see what doesn’t, which is equally important. With that information you can then begin to fine tune how it is that you communicate with your customers and try to drive new business.

These offers aren’t just for market research though. You can use the offers in themselves to help drive traffic and business to your website. By creating an enticing offer you encourage your Facebook fans to redeem this offer, either online or in the store, which creates a sale. Your effects more than just your current fans. As more people begin to redeem your offer the more their friends will see that offer pop up in their own news feed which will drive even more traffic to your store.

With all the benefits to Facebook offers you should definitely check them out for your business and see how they can help increase your revenue.