Be PresentAt Socially Present we love our gadgets.  Whether it’s a phone, tablet or laptop, most of us can be found with some type of technology in front of us most of the time.  This is also true of most of America today.  Gadgets are great for social media marketing and website design, but in the holiday season should we be glued to our devices?  A study in Real Simple magazine stated that 76% of respondents said that they check their smartphones at least once an hour and of those 76%, almost half check it ever 15 minutes or less.

For those of you celebrating Christmas with family and friends we have a special charge for you (and for ourselves).  Let’s put away our iPads, leave our laptops at home, and power down those smartphones.  That text or email can wait.  In our busy society, hours with family and friends seem to be hard to come-by and are fleeting when found. Let’s make the most of them!

Have you ever looked up from your phone to realize the rest of your family is staring at theirs, or seen a couple in a restaurant spending their date night with their eyes fixed to their smartphone screens? Let’s start a revolution this holiday season and go tech free! Okay, maybe just lessen the tech usage.