There is little in life that is more thrilling to the hearts of expecting parents than the sight of their child for the first time. From the moment we gaze upon the beautiful face of our children, we know our lives are forever changed. It’s as though the entire universe suddenly shifts into place and we realize that we have purpose to our lives that was somehow strangely hidden from us before their arrival.

For parents whose children leave this world too soon, however, the pain can almost seem unbearable. It was no exception the day Calvin John arrived to John and Jenna Hoagland.

Born early in the pregnancy at 22 weeks, Calvin had developed Alobar Holopronsencephaly, a condition that prevents a child’s brain from fully developing. Devastated by the loss of their first child, John and Jenna not only wrestled with the very real pain of their son’s loss, but all of the accompanying bewilderment of how ill-prepared parents are for such an event.

Weighing a mere 15.5 ounces and measuring 10 inches in length at his arrival, Calvin’s little head was so tiny, not even the smallest of hats fit in a way that was suited to crown the head of such a beautiful face. John and Jenna were deeply frustrated that they had not been able to meet Calvin’s need for the most simple of things like proper fitting clothing for their preterm infant. They were plagued by the thought that they had somehow “failed” Calvin not once with his condition, but twice with their inability to provide this most basic need, but God’s plan for Calvin went beyond his short time here.

Nearly one year after the Hoaglands lost their baby boy, beauty was born again in the founding of Calvin’s Hats, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing properly-sized hats to preterm infants around the world. Parents who once had no choice in finding hats for the tinniest among us, can now receive hats that fit their precious ones well. Socially Present is honored to partner with this amazing business in its quest to make a difference in the lives of people when they are hurting the most.

The Calvin’s Hats website not only provides hats, but serves as an invaluable resource for grieving parents and family members. Loved ones can memorialize their baby’s birth date, seek refuge in the friendship of others who’ve suffered the same loss and give financially to this unique and much-needed charity. All of Calvin’s hats are provided at no cost to families, regardless of their financial status. It’s one small way in which John and Jenna feel they can communicate to our culture that every life, every child — no matter how small, matters much.

If you are interested in supporting Calvin’s Hats, or learning more about the important way in which this organization makes a difference, you can visit them at We’re looking forward to helping this exceptional non-profit reshape their outreach as they reshape the world through the beauty of benevolence