What’s your story?

Everyone has a story.

Every business started with a problem in the world that needed to be fixed.  As business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s in our nature to want to fix the problems in society that we see.  Whether it’s how to improve a manufacturing process to helping feed the hungry, there is a desire to leave our mark on the world around us.

You wake up, go to work and get home just in time to see your family before they go to bed.  You turn on the news and see the economy isn’t doing so hot, politics are a mess and people are hurting.  You try to help by volunteering at your local church or charity but it all seems a little overwhelming.

But what if it didn’t have to be?  What if your business what the very thing that was making a difference in the world around you and at the same time turning your customers into supporters?

Socially Present was conceived out of the idea that people really want to make a difference in the world around them but sometimes need help.  So many good things get in the way of the great things that are in our hearts to do.  The juggling act of family, work, and charity can wear down the strongest individuals.  WE WANT TO HELP!  Our team is focused on taking what is in your heart and integrating it into a business-marketing plan that works for you.

How we do it…

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  • We take your story and build it into the DNA of your business.

  • We turn browsing customers into loyal supporters.

  • We transform your plans to make a difference into reality.

  • We make your advertising dollars buy more than face time.

  • We give your business a positive social presence in the community.

  • We network you with other businesses across the globe that are socially present.

  • We give you more free time do things you love!



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