During the holiday season, it is difficult to stand out from the millions of others trying to get their message out there. In 2015, business owners have more options than ever when it comes to communicating that message to their customers. Many find themselves asking how do I reach the most consumers for the best cost?

Traditionally, marketers have stuck with magazine ads, newspaper ads, TV, radio, and billboards. Traditional Marketing is great for reaching a local audience, but it’s nearly impossible to measure and it’s difficult to interact with your audience. Traditional Marketing is static, meaning you are throwing information at people and they are deciding what to do with it. During the holidays when so much noise is being pushed at consumers, it is important that your message is being heard.

So just how do you reach your audience during the holidays? Local Entrepreneur, Chris Presswood suggests trying Digital Marketing, specifically Social Media Ads. Chris is the owner of Finish Line Car Wash and he finds that Social Media is just another way to reach customers during the holiday season. He says it can be difficult to make promotions stand out with all of the other noise during the Holiday Season. He finds that social media is yet another way to get that message out there. It also is helpful in getting a good measurement of your promotion’s success.

If you haven’t tried Social Media Advertising, you have no idea what you are missing! There are many advantages to using Social Media Marketing, but the three that stick out in my head are Cost, Targeting, and Measurement. Did you know you can advertise on Facebook for as little as a dollar? With that dollar, you can target so many demographics such as age, gender, location, and interests. From that dollar, you will get results that help you determine the ROI. So if you want to spend a dollar and target women in Western Kentucky between the ages of 20-45, you can. With social media you can determine not only how many people like, commented, and shared, but also how many took action on the ad.

Not only does Socially Present create social media content and manage your social presence, but we also create and manage social ads. We want to help you get your holiday promotions out there. Give us a call and find out how Social Media can make sure your Holiday Message is heard this year!