If your church is looking to utilize social media, Facebook is a great place to start. It is by far the biggest social media platform and has a ton of great features to help you connect with people in your community and all across the world. The great thing about social media is that people have yet to discover all the ways in which it can be used.


Here are 7 (because it’s God’s number) tips to get your church going:

1. Get your page looking worthy. If you are going to use Facebook to communicate to people what kind of church you are, remember even what you don’t do communicates just as loud. Don’t throw a blurry picture and a skewed logo up and call that good enough. You are better than that. The cover photo is valuable real estate and should be used wisely.

2. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Use pictures and graphics to announce upcoming sermon series. Pictures are 6 times more likely to be shared than a text post so use images that communicate the message.

3. Get the congregation involved. Ask them questions about what is on their mind and give them a chance to comment on the sermon. People want to know that their input matters.

4. The mid-week pep talk. One sermon a week just doesn’t seem to cut it. Church shouldn’t stop just because the service is over. Use your Facebook page to share encouraging words with the congregation.

5. Video Testimonials. If God is moving in your church and people are being changed, get them on video sharing these stories. These can be extremely powerful tools for sharing the gospel.

6. Announcements. Do you have way too many announcements on Sunday morning and it seems like no one ever remembers them anyway? Use Facebook as a way to reemphasize important information you need to communicate.

7. Give it a rest. Don’t let all this new media overwhelm you. Do what you can but don’t let it consume you. Starting is half the battle and from there just have fun.

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