I recently had the opportunity to do a presentation for a local church that wanted to use social media in their outreach.  As we began researching ideas that could be used to reach people in the community, I was blown away by some of the statistics we came across.  According to an article in Mashable, 46% of churches say that social media is their most effective form of outreach, with knocking on doors coming in second with 24.7%.   In addition to this, over half of the churches are now blogging on a regular basis.  This new form of communication is like a modern day version of the outreach that was used in the first century Church when epistles were sent out to share the Gospel.

At no point in our history have we ever been more connected.  With the social media revolution birthing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, the Church now has a tremendous opportunity to reach seekers.  Dr. Brad Henson, a local pastor in our hometown of only 25,000, has reached over 12,000 people worldwide with his blog LeadTheChurch.com.  Brad told a story recently about a girl all the way from South Africa that watches his sermons online and considers herself a member of the church he pastors.

With the explosion of the Internet, anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can reach out far beyond their local demographic to a world full of people searching.  WOW!  What an opportunity to use what our Maker has given us to reach the world around us.  Stay tuned for some great tips to help your church make the most of social media.

Source: Mashable