Social Media Marketing During the Holidays

In holiday marketing strategy you should be effectively using your social media to address how your target market is feeling at this moment.  As I mentioned in the previous blog, consumers are feeling more giving.  They are focused on buying for others rather than for themselves.  This means that as a business owner or marketing professional you should be switching up your strategies to better connect with your customers and clients.

Rethink Targetingdarts-102919_640

Since the consumer mind has shifted, you will need to change up the targeting of any ads you are running on social media as well as whom you have in mind when creating content.  Say you sell cosmetics for women.  Create some content and ads that are specifically targeted toward men looking for a gift for the women in their life.


Givers Gain

This is the season of giving, and as business people we should not forget that.  This isn’t just about our consumers giving their money to us.  It is important to our society that we all think about how we can give back.  Use this time of year to volunteer in your community and give to charities.  You can even make this a social affair! Ask your customers to vote for the charity they would like you to support. Use your social media platforms to post pictures and videos of your staff volunteering! Giving let’s your customers know that you aren’t just in it for the money; at the end of the day you care about the community and the world.  You can also use the holiday season to give back to your customers.  Offer giveaways, gift packages, and savings galore!

Thank your customers

That leads me into this next point.  Be sure to thank your loyal customers.  If you have an email or a client list handy (and you should) take a moment to send them a Thank You.  This can be as simple as an email marketing campaign or as personal as a mailed, hand-written thank you note.  Your customers are who keep you in business, let them know that they are appreciated.


Please share any of your own tips or ask questions in the comments