Social Media Management

Once set-up is complete, Socially Present will provide continued social media training for you or your employees to know how to maximize the benefits of these social platforms.  We make it very simple to understand and give you the tools you need to succeed.

At this point, if you feel like trying to keep up with all this is a bit much and your value to the company is in a different place, allow Socially Present to execute your custom social media plan for you. With competitive pricing for excellent services ranging from basic management of your social media sites to our premium package that ties the greater good of your business into the very fiber of your branding.  Let us maintain a web presence for you that people notice.  As well as social media management and marketing, we provide a monthly reports so you can measure your ROI.


Starter Package

The Social Media Marketing Starter Package will help you maintain a clean efficient web presence.  We will do all your social media maintenance, keep your followers informed and up to date, and give your profile a professional presence.

Business Package

The Social Media Marketing Business Package includes everything in our Starter Package and much more. This is a full service package where we assist you with content creation & distribution, audience building and reputation management.

Premium Package

We believe that every business has a story and we want to thread it into the very fiber of the brand of your business, so that others can share your passion.  In this package we will work closely with your marketing team to develop & manage your online presence across the social web.