The best times to post on FacebookThe Best Times to Post on Facebook

Social Media marketing can seem like a daunting task.  Facebook marketing can be the most formidable of them all; so many people and so many different ways to use the platform can make your head spin. Since Facebook is probably the most popular social media platform in Paducah, Kentucky, the question that keeps coming up is, “When do I post on Facebook!?”  This is an interesting and important question that many have tried to answer.  Studies have shown that half of a post’s reach is received within the first 30 minutes that post is on Facebook so it is important to post at the correct times.  Some people say that 11:30AM and 8:00PM are the best times others claim something completely different.  The most accurate answer is that it is all dependent on your specific business.

Determine your audience – Utilize Facebook Insights

The first thing you need to do, which should be done even before you create your Facebook page, is determine your audience.  Next, deduce when that audience is online.  Facebook makes this incredibly simple with Facebook Insights which can be found on the admin panel of your business’ page.  Facebook Insights leaves nothing to the imagination, you can find out who, demographically, likes your page – male or female and what age range.  Then you can see exactly when your fans are on Facebook.

Stagger your posts

This seems plain and simple, right? The majority of your fans are on Facebook at 7PM, then just post at 7.  However, it is not so simple.  While you probably want to post at 7PM the majority of the time, what about the 300 of your fans that are on Facebook at 11:30AM before they have their lunch, or the group of people that get up early and check their news feed at 7AM before they head to work.

Target Your Audience per Post

You can even think about your target audience for a specific post.  Maybe your next post has to do with education and you want to aim it toward stay-at-home moms.  Think about what their day might be like. Maybe midmorning might be the best time to post, after they have gotten the kids on the bus and have a little bit of time to themselves.

Schedule Your Posts

The great thing about Facebook is that you can schedule your posts.  That way you can create 2 posts for the day or posts for a whole week in one sitting so you don’t have to watch the clock.  Just look at the bottom left corner of the post box and find the clock icon.  Click on that and fill out the year, month, day, hour, and minute that you want that post to appear on your wall.  However, if you schedule all of your posts for a week don’t just leave it at that.  You need to check back often so that you can respond to engagement that you get on your well-timed posts. (The Facebook Pages app is a great tool to keep up with your page’s engagement from your smartphone or tablet.)

Quality over Quantity

The important thing to remember is that, even if you post at all the correct times, no one is going to engage with your page if your posts are not relevant.  You should always post things that are relevant to your fans.  This doesn’t mean that it has to be meaty by any means; simple and humorous posts usually get quite a bit of engagement.  Think of it this way: you wouldn’t talk about the state of the economy with a five year old.  Think about your audience and what will be a quality post to them.  Remember, with every post it is all about building a relationship with your customer base.


There is no specific recipe for the perfect Facebook post, especially when it comes to timing, but these guidelines can help.  Stay focused and keep going, Facebook and other social media platforms can help grow your business exponentially.

By: Jonas Neihoff