In my last blog we talked about the importance of the first 17 seconds of a customer’s visit to your website (“What Does My Business Website Say About Me?). These few short moments are critical in gaining a person’s attention.

Today I want to focus on one of the aspects of a great website — effective advertising copy. There’s a simple formula I like to use when writing copy that applies regardless of the medium you intend to use to reach your audience. It involves just three key points.

Key Number One: Be specific.

If you’re selling widgets, then sell widgets. The last thing in the world a person wants to do when trying to make a purchase is to spend time figuring out what it is you’re selling.

Keep your product descriptions short and concise. Don’t use flowery words or lengthy explanations. If you have a passion for writing romance novels, save it for Doubleday. Customers want to know exactly what they’re getting in as little time as possible.

Boil down the benefits of what you sell into simple sentences and drop it into a few bullet points. While this may not be especially fun writing to do, it’s very easy on the eye. The customer can quickly see why what you sell is exactly what they’re looking for.

The truth is that as quickly as you can say, “Will that be MasterCard or Visa?” buyers make a decision about whether or not to check out your product further. That’s why it’s so important when connecting to customers to invest in a great-looking web storefront that includes effective copy. Next time we’ll talk about what it means to “be the customer.” Stay tuned!