Using Facebook Insights

Do you have a Business Facebook Page? If so, some of the most valuable and FREE features of your page are the Facebook Insights.  However, these are also some of the least utilized tools due to lack of user knowledge.  Facebook Insights are tools set up to help you monitor your demographics, audience engagement, and the overall success of your page.

Accessing your Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

The link to your page’s “Insights” are located above your cover photo.  Click “See All” to view your Insights in depth. The first tab you will see is titled “Overview”. This tab is essentially an overview of  five key statistics: the number of likes you have, friends of fans, people talking about this, your weekly reach, and how much these have changed in the past week. Next to these statistics, there will be an arrow pointing up or down and a percentage that is relative to the interaction in the last seven days, compared to the previous seven days.

Below this, there is a graph charting your “Engagement” statistic and “Total Reach” statistic as it relates with your individual posts. Basically, this graph allows you to monitor how specific posts affect your Audience Engagement. The benefit of this, is that you will learn what your audience does and doesn’t like. You can then begin to focus on posting that specific type of content, whether it be photos, links, videos, etc.

Using Facebook InsightsIf you look to the right of the “Overview” tab, you will see four additional tabs. These are labeled “Likes”, “Reach”, “Visits”, “Posts” and “People”.  The purpose of these tabs is to give you a more detailed look at your demographics. Beneath each tab you will see specific information regarding those who have liked your page, been reached by your page, created a post from your page, or visited your page. You will be able to see gender, age, location, and more about the people interacting with your page.  As you study this information and see a pattern, you can also apply this to your posting strategies.

The “Insights” tools can be great assets to you and your business. However, keep in mind that this is only a brief overview. If you would like to learn more, you can schedule a training session today.  We would love to sit down and help you make the most of your Facebook Insights.

Helpful Definitions:

Demographics: the gender, age, location, and languages spoken by those who have liked, interacted with, or been reached by your page.

Audience Engagement: how Facebook users are interacting with your posts and page.

Friends of Fans: the number of people who are friends with people who have liked your page.

Weekly Reach: people who have seen any content associated with your page.

People Talking About This: people who have created a story about your page.