Paducah and the surrounding area has such a rich culture. You can tell how tight the community is when you walk into Etcetera or visit market house square. People know each other and genuinely ask about each other’s lives. A good business in Paducah knows that they are so much more than selling a product. It is obvious that the team members at Wilson know how special this community is.

Copiers, paper, ink, comfortable chairs for those long days in the office – these, among countless others, are all necessities of a successful business and they don’t grow on trees. Businesses all over the country step in to perform these business to-business sales and fill this obvious need. Simple, right? Bryon Harlan of Wilson Office Plus takes it a leap and a bound further. Not only do they sell quality products at affordable prices to local businesses, the team at Wilson Office Supply takes care of their community and environment while doing it.

Wilson Office Supply began as Wilson Book and Stationary Store in 1902 by Don Elgin Wilson, Sr. Located in downtown Paducah for 100 years, it survived a national depression and the flood of 1937. It finally passed out of family hands in 1986 from Paducah Mayor, Tom Wilson, to Sam Milam who in just 4 years expanded the company by acquiring their competitor, J & M Office Products. Wilson Office Supply is constantly changing and adapting to serve their customers in more efficient and cost effective ways.

Bryon Harlan, the current General Manager of Wilson Office Supply, realized a long time ago that serving your customer does not simply mean getting them the best product – which of course he does – but so much more. It means serving your community and the people who make this town so great. It means being conscious of the world around you.

In October, 2012 they went pink for breast cancer awareness. One could get pink post-its, planners and even White-Out correction tape – the tape was still white of course but the dispenser blushed pink with pride for the cause.

This past March Wilson offered free Girl Scout cookies to customers. They celebrated 101 years with the girl scouts by helping the new, local Girl Scout troop #286 raise money through their cookie sales. They bought a whopping 101 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and gave a free box to the first 101 people who placed orders online, over the phone, fax or email. Wilson Office Supply put huge smiles on a lot of green-clad little girls’ faces with that promotion.

Just this past weekend Wilson Office Supply sponsored the Special Olympics “Big Brown Truck Pull”. Teams of 15 from all over Paducah raised at least $750 and battled it out to see who could pull a loaded UPS 18-wheeler 12 feet in the fastest time. All proceeds supported Special Olympics.

Bryon Harlan and the team at Wilson Office Supply know that running a business is not about being just financially successful. It’s about supporting the community around you and making it a healthy, happy and thriving place for your customers to live.