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Socially Present and The Coke Plant – Moving 2017
Molly Maloney, Social Media Manager

Sept 6, 2016

Socially Present is excited to announce they will be joining the great community of businesses at the Coke Plant!


There’s a new burst of momentum flooding Paducah, KY, as local businesses are thriving and on the rise. The atmosphere of this small town has transformed. Local entrepreneurs are successfully chasing their dreams and the community is well pleased with the lively environment it’s creating.

Socially Present is one of the many local businesses that are benefiting from this momentum. Since the company began five years ago, business has grown tenfold and their team has expanded to 14 full-time employees. This growth has led them on a search for a new location to better fit their needs.

Beginning December 2016, Socially Present will be moving to the Coke Plant alongside other great businesses such as Pipers, Mellow Mushroom, True North Yoga, Dry Ground Brewing Company and Time on the String. This new breed of entrepreneurs in Paducah love to help each other out and see one another succeed. Socially Present is excited to move to a location with businesses who have this mindset, share their core values, and have the passion to make Paducah thrive.

Edward and Meagan Musselman, owners of the Coke Plant, have a great vision for the growth they want to see in Paducah and are building something very unique in midtown. The space continues to grow and the Coke Plant has brought a sense of excitement to the community and hope for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jonas Neihoff, President and founder of Socially Present, says, “I remember years ago driving by the abandoned Coke Plant and it being this symbol of a struggling economy, but now it has become a symbol of inspiration and entrepreneurial energy for our city. When you see the lights on and people coming in and out of this historic space, it does something to you. We love what is happening in Paducah and are excited to be a part of this momentum.”Socially Present is partnering with Ray Black and Son for the build out of their new space on the second floor of the Coke Plant. Ray Black and Son was chosen to complete the build-out of the new space because of their experience with historic preservation and their values of investing in the community. With the reputation of excellence that Ray Black and Son have, there is no doubt the space will be incredible.

For more details on Socially Present and other great businesses in the Coke Plant, follow @thecokeplant

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