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Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc. and Marcum Engineering, LLC provide a wide range of engineering services from geotechnical and surveying to civil and structural engineering services. They invest in their employees and the latest technologies available to their industry. Tasks that used to take several weeks now just take days.

Clients choose BFW Engineering & Testing because of their commitment to each client’s success. Their mission is to provide professional engineering solutions to strengthen and grow our communities while exceeding their clients’ expectations. We helped them develop an array of marketing tools they needed to tell their story.

Graphic Design
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Graphic Design

High-Tech, Touch Enabled Customer Engagement

BFW Engineering & Testing invests in their employees and the latest technologies available to their industry. Lidar and the newest drone technologies help them service their clients in a broader and more technical way. Tasks that used to take several weeks now just take days.

It should be no surprise, then, that their use of technology does not stop there. BFW uses Intuiface interactive applications to deliver purposeful, data-driven digital experience to connect people to their engineering solutions. High-impact touch screen presentations delivered on the firm’s 60″ touch screen SmartTV bring services and projects to life, enhancing their client’s and prospect’s ability to connect with BFW’s wide array of solutions.

beltline print

“Take the best that exists and make it better.
When it does not exist, design it.”

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Web Design

Beautiful Form + Function

BFW Engineering & Testing’s website was developed with the same client-first mentality engrained in the culture of their agency. Socially Present designed an easy to navigate website with large imagery that displays the services, industries-served, and successful projects completed by their team of engineering professionals.

We engaged with Socially Present to produce a video for us that would tell our story in a creative way. Engineering is a very technical field and helping people understand that we apply science to make life better and in a safe manner is important to us. Socially Present was able to beautifully communicate why we do what we do. In an industry of brilliant minds, it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition. Socially Present made it possible for us to do just that!

BFW/Marcum Engineering

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Storytelling to Explain Their ‘Why”

BFW Engineering & Testing not only prides themselves on providing the highest quality engineering services, but they pride themselves on the support they give to their community, family, friends, and employees. We were proud to launch this series of videos that captures the spirit of why they do what they do. (Click the arrows to see each video.)

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