Jonas Neihoff



Socially Present was birthed out of the desire to make a difference in the world. My father was a painter and mother cleaned homes. They both worked incredibly long hours to provide for my 5 other siblings and me. I saw the challenges they faced trying to run their business while continually striving to make their children’s lives better. Their biggest challenges were keeping up with a constantly changing marketplace, while also adapting to the rapid increase of technology. This was what drove me to study business and start a company whose mission is to help companies succeed.

Their story echoes throughout the world. Many companies at many different stages are facing the same challenges that my parents did. The world is changing and technology is constantly evolving. As the noise increases, companies are finding it more and more difficult to communicate with clarity to their customers and they chase trends that always leave them one step behind.

Our approach is driven by the belief that people want to do business with people.  Technology was never meant to replace human interaction…it is meant to enhance it. I believe when you emotionally connect with market, their ears are open to how you can help them. Inspiration before information. Socially Present takes a timeless approach to modern marketing and focuses on building strong relationships with you and your market. We help you build trust and strengthen relationships with customers at every stage. Our strategic plans and creative services combine the art and science of marketing and utilizes technology to enhance the human connection.


Marketing Paducah kY, St. Louis, Nashville, Louisville & beyond.

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