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Our story as a Marketing Company begins in the midst of a major shift in the marketing world. For years, marketing agencies (such as the popular show Mad Men depicts) created colorful campaigns that cost excessive amounts of money, but were unable to be measured. Because of this, companies grew tired of seeing money fly out the window with no real way of understanding their return on investment. And then the digital age hit and changed marketing as we knew it. Tools that allowed you to pinpoint your audience’s gender, interest, location, age and other criteria with incredible accuracy leveled the playing field for businesses to connect with their market. Social media gave even the smallest of businesses an opportunity to connect and share their story with their audience in an authentic way for pennies on the dollar.

But as the pendulum swung far from the side of emotionally driven art and to the side of science and mathematics, something valuable was lost. In the pursuit of quantitative results there was an abandonment of the very thing that made us human and people were reduced to a number. In a sea of sterile websites and email campaigns that stuff our inbox, there is only one thing that can cut through the noise and that is the power of a story. Every person is on a journey in life and it’s important to understand how your product or service helps your customer become the hero of their story. People are more than a website visit, a click, or a like. They have dreams and goals they are pursuing and when your story becomes part of theirs, a bond is formed that is not easily broken.

We believe in combining the power of both art and science with a timeless approach to modern marketing. We combine powerful imagery, films and content with real data and technology, that will power your communication and deliver relevant messaging that connects with your market.

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