Shanden Simmons

Project Manager | Film & Photography

A story doesn’t always begin on the pages of a book. In fact, the essence of a story can be captured in many powerful ways whether it’s word of mouth, literary text, or emotionally provoking images on a screen. Shanden Simmons is the Project Manager of our Film & Photography department. Shanden’s passion for film and photography is apparent not only in his work and past successes but by his lifestyle as an artist and musician. At an early age, drawing became the backbone of his creative development which eventually led to making music and ultimately taking up the camera.

“I love taking a vision from my mind, and bringing people into this vision and collaborating with them to tell a story. In the end all parties involved will carry it with them, as well as the audience if the impact of the story was successful.” – Shanden Simmons

Shanden studied at the Paducah School of Art & Design as well as WKCTC where he was able to hone his craft and become a leader in the industry. When Shanden isn’t out shooting eye popping visual masterpieces or perfecting a roll of film in the studio, he enjoys playing drums in his band Fair Seas.

Marketing Paducah kY, St. Louis, Nashville, Louisville & beyond.

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