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You may have noticed that Socially Present has slightly refreshed its brand and that we are using the all-encompassing term “Digital Storytellers”. You may ask, “What is a digital storyteller?” We define it as bringing a timeless approach to modern media. We believe that everyone has a story – every business, every person, every non-profit – and bringing that story to the world is our passion.

Storytelling is an ancient artform. From oral tradition and cave paintings all the way to cinematography and website design, it has been the human race’s ideal way of sharing information. We believe that it is constantly evolving and with the way modern technology and social media are changing every day it is likely to continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

This has been the topic on Mashable.com a lot recently so we decided to discuss our own predictions for digital storytelling in this weeks staff meeting.  These are some of our musings:


Digital stories will be more interactive – like those “Create your own adventure” novels but with film and digital media.

Film and Digital media will be more sensory – using virtual reality to put you right in the story with not just sight and sound but smell, touch and taste.

Artificial intelligence will play a major role in digital storytelling especially when it comes to marketing – predicting consumer behavior and targeting niche markets for industry.

As life becomes more hectic and time sensitive we are going to see a rise in popularity of 10-15 minute short films.

TV will become more interactive with not just the viewers experience of shows but also of advertising – giving them the power to dictate the ads they see and interact with them.


We are in an industry that is evolving every day and, as creatives, we love it! We can’t wait to see what the future will bring for web marketing and storytelling as a whole.

Where do you think Digital Storytelling is heading? Share your thoughts in the comments.