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 Many times in our lives, we come to a crossroads of ideas, and we are not really sure which way to go.  Some times decisions feel so overwhelming that they leave us standing in limbo instead of moving in one direction or another.

How often do we have an idea that we know is a winner, but lack of knowledge or fear of the unknown paralyzes us?  Then a few years later someone releases the very idea that we had and we go around telling everyone, “Oh, I had that idea years ago.”  Maybe we practice extreme planning (quite the oxymoron), and delay having to actually make a decision because we fear that if we commit to a decision it may be the wrong one. Often, I would wager that greater than the chance of failure is the fear of it.Fear is the one thing that totally takes us out of the game.  To fear failing is somewhat a natural feeling, but unless it is overcome, we are already failing. There are no perfect decisions, but stepping out and pursuing our God given dreams, is one of life’s experiences that should never be traded for existing in mediocrity.  I’m not talking about just doing whatever enters our brain after a long night and a bad diet, but there is a big difference between pursuing a random idea and chasing one that God has inspired us to do for the greater good.“Fearless” business is not “stupid” business, but if  we’re passionate about something and have thought it through, let’s not wait a lifetime to pursue it.  LET’S GO FOR IT!!! The journey is as exciting as the destination.  God has wired us each for a mission and it is our joy in life to discover it. NO FEAR!

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.  Psalms 23:6