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The purpose of our Vision Capture is to listen and understand with clarity the vision, mission, values, and goals of your organization. By doing this, our team will be better equipped to offer creative ideas and solutions to help you accomplish your goals in the future.

vision captureYOUR VISION

It started with a single moment of inspiration. You saw a solution in your imagination before some people had even realized there was a problem to solve. You can still remember that moment with remarkable clarity. You didn’t sleep much that night, but you still felt wide awake the next morning with “the energy”, the kind that only comes from the dream. Over time you may have added additional thought and ideas to it or gained some new perspective, but you have kept the fire of the dream kindled. You protect it against the winds of criticism and fight against the damper of adversity. You pour your time and passion into bringing it to life, and we want to hear that story. We want to help you tell it.

thumb_01_60_60YOUR VOICE

Your words matter when you’re communicating your story to others. You have a story language – a voice – that is all your own. Your unique sense of humor, your heart, your excitement, your challenges – all follow a unique cadence that is yours alone. Communicating your story to your target audience effectively means that we need to first understand the elements of your distinctive voice. After we do that, we can then begin to translate that story to the language and voice that will have the greatest possible impact on your audience.

thumb_01_60_60YOUR STYLE

Your distinct style will be reflected throughout your brand. Your voice, your passion, your vision – we develop a brand that reflects all of this. The content and imagery are designed to work together seamlessly to share your story in ways that complement and reinforce one another. By tying together all the elements of your unique style, we ensure that your brand is consistently recognizable to your audience.

thumb_01_60_60YOUR STORY

Now, it’s time to tell your tale. We pack your dream, your voice, and your style into a story that both inspires and educates your audience. Your tale of heroism as you set out on your great adventure builds credibility with each prospect. They relate to the experiences you both shared that first inspired you to start your journey to begin with. Socially Present is simply the guide that helped you reach them, by helping you deeply connect with the clients you plan to serve.

thumb_01_60_60YOUR Platform

What is the best platform to tell your story? The answer is, of course: wherever your audience is gathered to listen to it. With each business the platform is typically comprised of a unique mix of mediums that could include website, social media, film, radio, applications, or other outlets. Our talented team will work through a process of analyzing what marketing platforms are best suited for your particular story.

thumb_01_60_60YOUR AUDIENCE

Now is the time that you will reach your audience with an invitation to join with you in helping them achieve some part of their own vision of success. There are already people out there that want to hear your tale and be inspired to work with you. There are others actively looking for someone who cares about their goals and the part you can play to help them accomplish them. Our approach is not simply figuring out where to find customers, but how to help the right customers find you.

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