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Digital Storytelling

You may have noticed that Socially Present has slightly refreshed its brand and that we are using the all-encompassing term “Digital Storytellers”. You may ask, “What is a digital storyteller?” We define it as bringing a timeless approach to modern media. We believe...

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Are You Using or Utilizing Social Media?

Is social media management really useful? Can’t anyone off the street work Facebook? These are questions I hear a lot at Socially Present from friends, clients and co-workers alike. Sometimes they are accusatory questions, but mostly they’re ones of growth for our...

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Be Present This Holiday Season

At Socially Present we love our gadgets.  Whether it's a phone, tablet or laptop, most of us can be found with some type of technology in front of us most of the time.  This is also true of most of America today.  Gadgets are great for social media marketing and...

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The Best Times to Post on Facebook

The Best Times to Post on Facebook Social Media marketing can seem like a daunting task.  Facebook marketing can be the most formidable of them all; so many people and so many different ways to use the platform can make your head spin. Since Facebook is probably the...

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