Story-driven branding and digital marketing to create clear and memorable consumer experiences.

 What is a brand?

Often when people think of a business’s brand, they think of a cool logo or killer graphic design.  You often hear people say things like, “We really need to rebrand.”  or  “We need a new look.”  Graphics and imagery are an integral part of a strong brand, but it doesn’t end with aesthetics.

“We love the new company image, we get lots of comments on it. Lots of people think Trifecta is a national company and we are the newest affiliate, which we attribute to the professionalism of our website, logo, etc.  We are the Socially Present poster children for an old company in need of a professional facelift.  Please use any of the three of us for references, we will sing your praises!”

Tom Waldrop

Owner, Trifecta Real Estate Services

  A brand is what feelings, ideas, and thoughts are provoked when people see your logo.

A company can have the cleanest look in the industry, but if customers are continually having bad experiences with their business…  In a few years, that cool logo may be all that’s left. This is because a brand is built on relationship. Your company’s brand begins the moment a customer sees your ad on television, but it is reinforced by the way your receptionist answers the phone and kindly assists them.  It is showing respect for your employees, customers, and competitors. A GREAT brand is built by treating people the way that you would want to be treated. That is why at Socially Present we don’t promise to make businesses great, we promise to make great businesses known.

How does Socially Present brand my business?

Branding a business is an art. The power of a brand can make an apple mean simplicity and technology, while a simple check mark can bring to mind athleticism and inspiration. That’s why when branding your company, our team goes back to the basics.

  • What inspired you to start your business?
  • What emotion do you hope is provoked when people interact with your product or service?
  • What goals and dreams do you have for the future of your company?

  Once we understand the essence and personality of your organization, we brainstorm unique and effective ways to communicate that message to the online world. We turn ideas into reality for your business by utilizing our web development, social media, graphic design, and film production team.