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7 Reasons Your Business Should Be on LinkedIn

Kristin Henson, Social Media Assistant

June 9, 2016

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. With just over 400 million accounts, LinkedIn helps businesses and business professionals make connections. Rather you’re looking for employment or someone to create your company website, LinkedIn provides you a database of professionals and businesses who have the skillset you need.

There are many reasons your business should have a LinkedIn but today we are going to focus on the top 7.

1. Creates Business Credibility

Although the very fact you own a business gives you legitimate power, it doesn’t mean consumers are going to jump at the opportunity to purchase your goods or services. LinkedIn allows you to show people that you’re more than just a pretty face. You can share articles on hot topics within your field of business and give testimonials from your current and former customers. You have to earn people’s trust before you earn their business and LinkedIn helps you do that.

2. Introducing new products and services to your consumers

LinkedIn is the perfect place to let your existing customers know what you’re up to. You can update customers on changes in the services you provide or new products you’re selling.

3. Find potential employees to contribute to your business

Are you overbooked and understaffed? LinkedIn can get you connected with highly skilled employees that fit your needs. You can post job openings on your LinkedIn and wait for your email box to fill up with applicants.

4. Check up on your competition

You better believe your competition is already on LinkedIn talking about their latest thoughts and ideas. Having a LinkedIn profile helps you stay in the know of what your competitors are doing so that you don’t miss out on anything.

5. Establishes your public image

The larger presence you have on the web, the stronger your reputation builds. LinkedIn helps you tell your company’s story which builds your reputation and allows you to gain more attention in the public eye.

6. Increases search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is increased the more you post about your business on the Internet. SEO is how likely your company’s name is to pop up high on the list of results when a consumer searches for your goods and services via Internet search engines. They more active a company is online, the more likely that company will receive good Search Engine Optimization.

7. Build relationships

LinkedIn allows for your current customers to connect with you and say, “I support and trust these guys!” This is beneficial for you because your LinkedIn connections have their own connections that may not know you. Your customer’s endorsement of you can bring in new clients and consumers.

LinkedIn is a great asset for business for so many reasons. If you’re not currently on LinkedIn, you should highly consider joining the network of 400 million.


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